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Rev 2 & 3 - The 7 Churches

Revelation 6 - The 7 Seals

Revelation 8 & 9 - The Trumpets

Revelation 11

Revelation 13

We are now in Revelation 16

Washington DC, London and Rome control most all of it. We are now awaiting the last portion of Rev 16 to fulfill in the economic collapse to come, a revolution/infighting, leading into WW3. This will all take place very quickly, in the span of a few years, right before the resurrection.

"And the cites of the nations fell.... and every island fled away and the mountains were not found."
The islands and mountain fleeing here are not literal, but describe great upheaval. When the great economic quake begins, it is going to create such an economic upheaval, that the metaphorical mountains will crash and burn and be not found. Great upheaval is coming. STORE FOOD. 
V21 "And there fell upon men a great hail out of Heaven."
Sounds like the WW3 bombs that will fall soon after the economic upheaval. This all describes a tribulation right before the , when the Resurrection will end it all. Thank God. Halle Yahweh!!

These 5 timelines are all backed 
by MAJOR historical events. 
The precision is stunning.
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Now we await World War 3, which is overwhelmingly confirmed by Yah Supernaturally here at ww3links

The Resurrection comes shortly after WW3 and the strongest of evidence here points to 2028

Prophecy Symbols and Terms Definitions

    Too often, Christians are taking everything in Revelation to be literal and are not educated on Hebrew idioms and metaphors, so these prophecy symbols will help to clear up interpretational issues. Some meanings are a jurisdictional description, not global, for instance 1/3 of the trees burnt up, not global, but judgment on a third of the roman empire.

Adultery – spiritually intermingling marriage with the Lord and pagan or heretical teachings of other gods, of the culturally accepted idolatry, ones own ideas intermingled with the faith changing established truths.

Angel – literal and or figurative, a heavenly being or a heavenly power, or can mean a power in the earth. Angel of death, holy angel, angel of judgment, a power released from Heaven to execute judgment. "Messenger" heavenly or earthly

Baal/Balaam/Balac– false god of the pagans, intermigled paganism with the faith

Babylon – root word is babel meaning confusion. Babylon is the remerge of centralized power, melting pot rulership, merge of powers, one world government ruling in secret, a distasteful description for the corrupt powers that be.

Beast – a kingdom, a ruling entity, a world power, a supreme leader

Bottomless Pit – a prison for demons Rev 20:3

Bow – a weapon of war

Bowl – a judment, a containment holding prophetic revelation

Buy or Sell – forbidden to do business. Dark age Catholics were forbidden to trade with or buy and sell with Protestants by several Popish Councils, unless they had the mark of alligiance to the Church of Rome.

Calf – represening a sacrificial animal, giving spiritual milk and meat

Candlestick – represents a church or group of saints, shining the light of his word

Crown – a spiritul exaltation, an earthly king, an honor, crowned in glory

a day – equals a year in prophecy, can also mean 1000 years in other prophecy, a day is as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as a day.

Day of wrath – a judgment, God using an earthly power to bring judgment, not just a final end time judgment.

The Dragon – Satan and his demons, the fallen angels at war against the saints

Eagle – represening carrying the word, spread of the gospel

Earthquake – a political upheaval, a great economic shaking, a revolution or war causing massive change.

Euphrates – river in the western third of the Roman Empire

Fire – a judgment, burning from war

Fornication – eating things sacrificed to idols or false gods, spiritual fornication, adopting pagan customs and mixing in with the faith.

The Great City – Rome, the city that was ruling for over 1500 years

Harp – worship or instrument of worship

Harvest – of souls, harvest to life or harvest to death

a Head – a form of government, a nation contained within a beastly ruling entity or empire. head of the beast.

Holy City – The people of God, made up of Saints, Prophets, Apostles, etc

Horn – a power or exalted portion of a beast, a smaller nation under an empire beast

Horse – a ride or vehicle carrying a prophetic revealing, subject to color, red, black, pale

Image of the beast – a likeness to the empire beast. Another power or empire that is similar to the former beast, not a mere powerless graven image or statue

Incense – prayers of the saints

Jezabel – metaphorical for spiritual fornications, a brutish woman controlling

Key – that which unlocks prophetic insights, given by the Lord for edification and revelations of the deeper truths of God

King – a leader of a nation or power, can also mean just a power.

Lamb – Lamb of God>Jesus, or a sacrificial animal, innocence

Lamp – giving light, holding fire or power

Lion – a fierce animal, King of the Forrest, Jesus Lion of Judah,

Lightning – a judgment, a shock, a sudden revealing

Little Book – the Bible… appeared little from formerly huge long thick scrolls of the holy word, before the printing press

Mark – a spiritual allegiance, an outward reveal of who one belongs to, mark in the hand -actions, mark in the head - of the mind.

Mountain – exalted, a high power, a ruling empire or nation

Month – equals 30 days which in prophecy equals 30 years, 42 months = 1260 years

Mystery Babylon – religion in many names rooted in Semarimis and Nimrod from out of ancient babylon, the mystery religions, coming in many forms.

Naked – exposed, vulnerable, shamed

Number of his name – requires the use of Gematria, letters equaling numbers adding up to 666.

Nicolaitans – heresy, Christians with bad doctrine, Christians in spiritual fornication, believers mixing pagan customs in with the faith, new age paganism intermingled.

Oil – used in annointing, Holy Spirit annointing, the annointing of God

Plagues - literal and figurative for sickness, disease, caused by war or famine or toxicity

Rod of Iron – the word of God, he will rule the nations with the rod of iron, word of God to discipline

Sea – where many people dwell, also an unstable place, seas roaring, waves clashing

Seal – an unraveling of prophecy

Sun, moon, stars – represents empire leaders, senate, governors, political powers, or a head of a power, head of a family (Joseph saw the sun, moon and stars bow before him, representing his Father (sun), moon (mother), stars (his brothers). Malachi 4:2 sun of righteousness prophetically describing Jesus (Ez 32:7/Is 34:4-7/Gen 37:9) The 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches.

Sorcery – witchcraft, seducing spirit, pharmakeia, drugs, big pharma, conspires using drugs.

Sword – a weapon of war, figurative for the word of God, a spiritual weapon, war, trouble.

Temple – literal or figurative, we are the temple, the temple of believers not referring to a building.

third – a third part of the Roman empire, not of the entire world. Rev 8.

Thunder – a warning, an alert

Tribulation – time of trouble, the great tribulation from the dark ages 100s of years of martydom, not just a small few year end time tribulation too esteemed.

Trumpet – a prophetic announcement, a wake up call

TWO Witnesses – figurative for the scriptures and the saints. They are the 2 witnesses.

We are his witnesses in the earth, baring witness of what is and what’s to come

Wine – from pressed grapes, fruit of the vine, people of God are his vineyard giving wine, can mean joy of the Spirit or grapes of wrath.

Whore – an assembly of people committing spiritual fornications

Woe – a warning, a time of trouble.

Woman – an assembly of saints, a church of people, the bride of Christ. Can also mean an adulteress of spiritual fornication.

Year - a year equals 360 days (Hebrew calendar year is 360 days), but is in prophecy, 360 years